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Step aside, pale pink: There’s a new neutral nail hue for fall—putty.

On November 16, 2010

What's Hot in Beauty

  • A chat with Faith Hill about Fitness

    A quick chat with Faith Hill about her new fragrance and how she stays in shape.

  • Update Your Hair for Fall

    Want a new style to sport this season or simply need to freshen up your hair? We turned to Kimberly Rothamel Morgan at Bob Steele Salon in Atlanta for her top strand secrets.

  • Silver-Tipped French Manicure

    Make this sophisticated nail art design your everyday manicure staple. Simply use scotch tape and a silver polish to create a crisp straight line along the tips of your nails for a fresh spin on the traditional French manicure.

  • Clear Complexion Guide

    Sweat and dirt can bring on breakouts, but that's no reason to bench your workout. Instead, try these skin-saving solutions from top dermatologists to zap zits for good.

  • A Home Remedy for Pimples

    Use these things found in your refridgerator to fight pimples!

  • 16 Showstopping Festival Nail Designs

    There's no better time to show off a bold, colorful, or bizarre manicure than during music festival season. Here are 16 amazing festival nail designs to try this summer.

  • 23 Movie Wedding Dresses that Stun Onscreen

    If you've been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a little kid, you probably got a lot of your earliest inspiration from movie wedding dresses. And why stop now? We've compiled some of our favorite on-screen gowns that would look just as amazing in real life as they did in the movies.

  • Rainbow-Colored Hair We're Dye-ing to Try

    When celebrities are looking to change up their look, they turn to a new and bright hair color. And with the proper hair care knowledge, you can get the same edgy look. So, we've rounded up some of our favorite rainbow-colored hair to get you inspired to mix it up.

  • How to Brighten Under Eyes Correctly

    You shut off your alarm, yawn, and stumble into the bathroom. You flip on the light, glance in the mirror, and...oh heck, no. The reflection staring back at you looks like she hasn't slept for days! That may be true, but you don't have to look like it. Here is how to brighten under eyes and fool everyone into thinking you're well rested and ready to face the day.

  • Modern Nails with a 'Mod' Flair

    To get inspired for these modern nails, we took a trip back in time. The '60s were full of fun, "mod" patterns that are perfect for translating onto your fingertips. So if you're interested in a look that really pops, give these funky nails a try.

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