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On April 29, 2013

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    There are plenty of lemons available in the market this time of year. I have been wanting to preserve some, not only because they look pretty in jars, but there are a number of recipes I have been wanting to try that call for them.

  • When Life Gives You Lemons, Preserve Them

    Preserved lemons, long a tradition in African and Middle Eastern cultures, are a great way to add depth and flavor to traditional dishes.

  • Spicy Ceci Frito (Fried Chickpeas)

    Consider chickpeas a blank canvas--they lend themselves well to a variety of different preparations.  In this recipe, a simple toss with spices and a quick pan-fry transform them into a perfect snack.

  • Chianti Cookbook (page 1)

    I traveled to the Chianti region of Italy... and ate brilliant food with memorable wine. THEN re-created the dishes at home so we could all make and enjoy these Tuscan-inspired recipes. Herein lies the Chianti Cookbook, page 1 of 10...

  • Favorite Italian Recipes

    Pure and simple, these Better Homes and Gardens favorites are recipes you'll want to share, hand down, make again and again, and save in your recipe box.

  • Asian Cuisines at a Glance

    Take a look at the versatility of Oriental cooking

  • Quick & Easy Stir-Fries

    Stir-fries are endlessly versatile -- the only trick to this healthy dinner is having your ingredients ready.

  • International Noodle Recipes

    Put a kid-friendly stamp on dinner with nutritious noodles from around the world with these recipes from Catherine McCord and other contributing chefs.

  • Stir Fry Suppers

    If you're a newbie in the kitchen, mastering the art of stir-frying is a great place to start on your cooking skills. These dishes are quick, healthy, and easily adapted to meet all your family's needs-- not to mention that the beautiful colors make any dinner plate pop. Here are some tasty wok recipes that will rock your kitchen table (chopsticks optional).

  • Tasty Turkey Thai

    I love that this recipe for Tasty Turkey Thai is served over noodles. It has become one of my go-to dinners!

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